The Jungle Body Collective

Welcome to The Jungle Body Collective, a curated guide to all things Jungle Body. It’s a place where you can find the hottest new active wear, the most fierce workouts , the coolest new kicks & the most delectable wholesome foods out. We also give you the tools & inspiration to kick ass in life. We want you to own your body, be fierce & successful… but also the most lovable person out.

We have broken the collective into 4 tribes:

M O V E  – Workout videos that will give you butterflies, reviews of the hottest instructors out & snapshots of the world’s most amazing workout venues. This section is all about inspiring you to move – wild & free.

N O U R I S H – Everything you need to know to nourish, cleanse & improve your well-being from the inside out. We cover the hottest healthiest restaurants, clean recipes that will make you salivate & photos of wholesome food that will leave you dribbling.

S T Y L E – We share with you the latest active wear, sneakers & lifestyle clothing to take you from morning to night in total Jungle Body style. Expect to be totally inspired to shake up your wardrobe & bring out your inner style icon.

S E L F – This is all about you. It is about empowering you to be strong, positive, fierce & to totally own your body – no matter what! We share with you stories, photos & videos that will teach you how to love your self, be successful in your career & bring out the absolute best in you!

Love Tara, Tarrin, Shereice, Hayley & Gillian x

6 thoughts on “The Jungle Body Collective

    • Hey Steph! Our photoshoots are all Instructors! The whole Jungle Body team besides our Founder, Tara, have kids. Even Tarrin has 4 kids! We are all real people and we like to celebrate all body shapes & types! We can’t shame or put down women because they are thin, small, big, tall, short, models or not models….We need to celebrate all women & we do this a lot on our Instagram which has all different body shapes! xx

    • Well that’s probably due to their workout after years in fitness it’s only when I start KONGA and jagua classes following a super clean diet that my body changed completely
      I have to pinch myself to believe it everyone around me noticed it too
      So KONGA eat clean and get yourself a super dooper hot body it’s possible those girls work super hard xxxxx

  1. Come to our Konga classes (find the ones closest to you on the website) and meet some of the amazing women teaching. We are all shapes and sizes (I used to be a size 22) but we all share one common thing; our Passion. Our passion for Konga, our passion for our clients, our passion is contagious and the results of doing regular JB workouts show!

    One of my clients told me yesterday
    ” I’ve been doing Konga for three weeks and my butt is creeping up my legs! Oh oh and my saggy arms flappy thing? It’s tighter!”
    I ‘get’ the whole marketed to size 8, twenty something’s who live on low fat oxygen but honestly , those women up there are mothers (bar one), who have gained weight, birthed, know about post birthing bodies and who have worked hard to get fit. They know that their bodies won’t ever be the same as prekids, and they are fierce and determined to help other women find their own fierce.
    Blessings xxx

  2. Tara is the best. She is the best dancer and she is so sexy:) she is so friendly as well. I always enjoy join her class at Fernwood Cannington. She inspired me a lot. I am trying to achieve healthy body weight. Konga become one of my solution plus good diet. Konga makes me happy and I feel like I can dance whole day. Hopely oneday I can learn konga from the instructors from jungle body so I can have sexy movement like Tara xoxoxoxo

  3. I am having trouble ordering your dvd on line. Do you take orders from the US? Do you sell the DVDs in the US anywhere? I am very excited to try this workout, I’m in if I can get my hands on a DVD:)

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