The Top Healthy Cafes in Perth for 2016

“Healthy eating” at restaurants & cafes used to be super difficult & totally painful in Perth! It meant scouring through variations of “moist” garlic bread, sweaty parmigianas, cream laced pastas & overloaded big breakfasts to find a lifeless & boring healthy option. Now, don’t get me wrong life is all about balance & Garlic bread certainly floats my boat. But the option to go out to a cafe & find wholesome, nutritious & mouth-watering food that will make you, your mind & body feel amazing is one I want.

When you are working hard to eat healthy, feel strong & age well you want to be able to head out with your friends and indulge in food that will make you feel BETTER than before you arrived.

tara_LAtrip_StudioCityFarmersMarket_samsherdelphoto_010 (2)

Me at the Farmers Markets in LA – the holy grail of fresh produce!

These are The Jungle Body’s Top Perth Healthy Cafes & restaurants that we cannot get enough in 2016:

  1. The Raw Kitchen , Fremantle – This is the Beyonce of Healthy Cafes in Perth. It’s the original, the best & the ultimate “progressive plant-based” experience. Every single dish is high on taste, almost too big to finish & don’t be fooled by the name – they also have cooked dishes. My top pick is the Pad Thai & the raw Nachos…& has been for years! *addictedTHE RAW KITCHEN PERTH
  2. Little Bird Cafe, Northbridge – Think Peanut Butter & Choc Smoothies, Haloumi Burgers, Nutella Cheesecakes & Green Breaky bowls. This place has it all, including MEAT…but it’s made from a clean perspective so you don’t have to feel guilty! LITTLE BIRD CAFE
  3. Health Freak Cafe, Mt Lawley, Scarbrough & Joondalup – Where do I start? If you could eat here every day life would be bliss! Its a Gluten & Sugar Free concept with options like Matcha Tea Nutella Protein Pancakes, Paleo Kale Egg White Omelette, Cocowhip Affogatos & Grilled Salmon over Coconut Cauliflower. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or in between…this is the place to eat for life.HEALTH FREAK CAFE
  4. Natures Harvest, Cottesloe – Its an epic Health Food store that offers holistic healing plus a UNREAL Cafe! Breakfast bowls you can design, Chia puddings you can create plus Warm Bowls filled with Lentils & Curry’s that you can choose….Need I say anymore? natures harvest perth
  5. Panache Cafe, Perth – This place is for people who work in the city! It is only open 7am till 3pm & it’s all about fresh, wholesome & “living” food that is quick & easy for city people! What I love is they encourage you to have your Business Meetings there…#winningPANACHE CAFE PERTH
  6. Flora & Fauna, Northbridge – Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Its a tiny quaint little spot with a few seats outdoors but wow…it will blow your mind. I’m not even going to explain what this places offers, I just want you to to go to their Instagram & then organise a lunch date!FLORA & FAUNA PERTH
  7. Ohana Acai Bar, Fremantle – I live close to Freo so when this baby popped up I was first in! Basically its a DIY Acai Bar! Step 1 choose your base fruit, Step 2 pick your toppings, Step 3 add some crunch & then finish off with super foods like Hemp Seeds, Bee Pollen & Gogi Berries. OHANA ACAI BAR
  8. Sapore, Belmont – Sapore is the perfect place to go with the family when not everyone wants to eat super clean! It has the best of both worlds like Blueberry Pancakes with White Chocolate Sauce & then Breakfast Protein shakes & Roast Vegetable stacks. It’s my go to ‘post-workout’ Sunday morning brunch…and given the long lines…its everyone else’s too! sapore belmont
  9. The Little Shop of Plenty, Maylands – Raw Banana Crepes, Kombucha, Organic Mousse cakes & Paleo plates. This quaint little cafe has plenty of options that are dairy, gluten & cane sugar free but what I love most is it’s all about the nutrients & making food that will give you energy!  LITTLE SHOP OF PLENTY
  10. COMO The Treasury, Perth – This new 5 Star hotel in Perth is my absolute favourite place at the moment with beautiful dining options, unique bars & a holistic Spa that will make you melt! Wildflower is a Rooftop restaurant to die for! It “serves contemporary European dishes revolving around the indigenous ethos of six seasons with farmer and forager-driven menus.” While, POST serves up Quinoa Porridge, Kale Omelettes & Fremantle Octopus with Shark Bay prawns! POST TREASURY

Perth’s food scene is literally out of control with so many “ah-mazing” new places popping up every month. It is such an exciting time for eating & enjoying beautiful, wholesome & delicious quality food in the best city in the world – Perth!

When you eat well, sleep lots & move more your whole mind & body starts to smile! So call your friends, set up your healthy date & support the local cafes that are being courageous & creating these phenomenal plates day in, day out!


Tara Simich, Founder, The Jungle Body



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