The Jungle Body is an unprecedented boutique fitness company that offers 5 unique Group Fitness Programs that are taught in over 6 countries (www.thejunglebody.com)

The Jungle Body was founded by Australian Tara Simich (Franzinelli). Before starting The Jungle Body , Tara worked for firms such as Curtin University and PricewaterHouseCoopers in Accounting. In 2009, Tara travelled to New York on an Academic Scholarship to study Economics and Management. After some successful networking in Los Angeles, Tara began Tara Franzinelli Consulting and landed her first clients World Champion Boxer, Wladimir Klitschko and Celebrity Gym Owner Matteo Baker.  She was instantly immersed into the glamorous and dynamic world of health and fitness.

Tara Simich

Tara Simich

On her return to Perth in December 2009, Tara realised how “behind” and “stale” the Fitness Industry was in Australia. Determined to bring excitement, flexibility and versatility to the industry, she began The Jungle Body. Tara found that there was a gap in the Group Fitness Industry for classes that were simplistic, results-driven & “hybrid” in nature. By “hybrid” Tara refers to fusing a variety of styles, movements & exercises that continually change to constantly challenge, excite & sculpt the individual.

She created The Jungle Body with the philosophy to make fitness fun and wild for anyone and everyone. She was tired of seeing Group Fitness Programs that were too difficult for the average person. If you cannot do the Program you cannot get results & then whats the point of attending the class?

The Jungle Body offers four Programs to sculpt the entire body. Konga is the dance class that will make you sweat as you shake your hips, punch those arms and shimmy those shoulders. Vypa is the hardcore class inspired by Cage Fighters, Professional Footballers and Boxers. Jagua is inspired by Musical Therapy where you tone, sculpt and stretch your body to your all time favourite music. Lastly, Tyga is a hip hop based fitness classes which has you moving to the biggest and best RnB/Hip Hop tracks!

We do not look for mass-instructors but high quality, skilled & professional Instructors who teach passionately & believe in The Jungle Body. Our Jungle Body Courses cover everything from Technique & Safety to Marketing/PR Skills & Finances. This ensures our Instructors can provide a service above & beyond our client’s expectations.

Our community of Instructors is the most important part of The Jungle Body & we value them more than anything. We strive to keep The Jungle Body Instructor Group honest, open, loyal, positive & we all work together to help everyone succeed. Many of our Instructors teach a variety of Group Fitness Programs & we highly encourage this.

Tara developed “The Formula” which is used by every single Jungle Body Instructor. This formula ensures every class is simplistic, easy to follow, uncomplicated and allows every participant to work to their own intensity. Gone are the days of classes you can’t keep up with, or you are left shuffling around!  It also means Jungle Body classes can be adapted to the elderly, teenagers, children, the disabled and bodybuilders.

The Jungle Body is Tara’s passion – a company that fuses all she believes is the future of fitness.

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